One of North America’s biggest and most versatile Disc Jockey and sound crew’s, NSPIRE SOUND has been moving the DESI/WEST INDIAN scene for over 10 years. Nspire Sound has perfected the art of the DJ, rocking crowds with their unique style of mixing, beat matching, remixing and MC’ing abilities. “We at Nspire Sound understand how important YOUR event truly is to you, and we will go above and beyond to cater to your needs, from offering one on one consultation sessions to constant and reliable communication via telephone or email.” Specializing in a plethora of musical genres, including Bhangra, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Dance, Soca, Chutney, and Reggae (just to name a few), Nspire Sound has what you need. “Our versatility and originality keep us above the rest so leave your event in the hands of professionals.


Nav is the founder of Nspire Sound, a company made to reach out and touch individuals musically. His main motivation and “nspiration” came from his father Ken Singh, an achieved sound engineer and producer, who produced Toronto’s first ever Indian film record to reach greatest sales. Nav has since retained all the knowledge passed down by his father and transferred his strong technical and musical knowledge into Nspire Sound. Currently, he is responsible for the operations of Nspire Sound and is also the Lead Technician, responsible for training the team in all technical facets. Nav started playing music when he was 14 for a variety of functions all over the GTA. Since then, Nspire Sound has been established as one of North America’s best Sound, Audio, Video, Installation, and DJ Services company. When you get the chance to meet Nav, it will be evident that his expertise, experience and professionalism reflect the core values of what Nspire Sound is really all about, and you will have no question is trusting him and the rest of Nspire Sound to do a fantastic job in all aspects at your event!


Pritav is one of the most skilled and qualified DJ’s on the Nspire Team, having been with Nspire Sound right from day 1. He comes from a very musical background being the son of producer/sound engineer, Ken Singh. Pritav is the younger brother to the team’s founder, Nav. He is one of the DJ’s within Nspire Sound responsible for training of new DJ’s to the Nspire Sound team. Through years of practice and first hand experience, he was able to channel his innate abilities into becoming one of the powerful DJ’s in the scene today. Pritav’s skills as a fan favourite DJ because his is so versatile. He is well versed in many different genres of music including Bhangra, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Top 40 and Dance, to name a few. Also his functionability as a solid technician make him an easy choice as the DJ for your next event. Coupled with Nspire Sound, the sky is the limit!


Ryan is one of the most consistent and experienced DJ’s on the Nspire Sound line up. His specialties lay within the Soca, Reggae, Chutney, Hip Hop and Bollywood genres. His passion for music began at the early age of 4 when he started taking piano lessons, which later evolved into learning several other instruments. At 14, he became familiar with all types of sound and lighting gear and turned his musical interests towards the DJ scene. His skills and abilities rapidly grew and helped him expand even further by gaining bookings for house parties, high schools and weddings, and releasing mixtapes. His love for the music industry led him to Nspire Sound and since then he has never looked back. He since then has become the lead in mixing, remixing, sound editing, and the voice of Nspire Sound.


Falminder has been in the Punjabi DJ scene for quite some time now, handling large corporate events to very large scale weddings and engagements. The fusion between Fal and Nspire Sound has fortified the team as one to be reckoned with. He is one of the Nspire Sound wedding and banquet DJ’s where he utilizes his strong ability to keep the dance floor packed all night. One of Fal’s strong points in his expertise in the Bhangra and Bollywood fields respectively. Fal’s passion for music, from the time he could comprehend, had him wanting to DJ for a very long time. Fal’s DJ career started with him playing at family parties and then he went on to investing in turntables and a mixer. He then progressed to learning the ability of beat matching and mixing; sharing and learning experiences with the Nspire team. The future is very exciting for Fal and Nspire Sound, as they both continue to set the bar higher and higher.


Born in Montreal, Arzan was an aspiring DJ who has a passion for Classic Euro, Dance, and Trance music. At at age of 19, he crossed pasts with Nspire Sound and has since added tremendously to their and his own repertoires respectively. His natural abilities with turntable and a mixer were an asset to the Nspire Team. He also brings very strong business minded approach to Nspire as he handles a majority of the financial and legal aspects for Nspire Sound. Arzan’s ability to take control of the dance floor and its patrons is something that most of our clients are constantly asking for. He is considered a pro in the Dance, Euro, House and Trance genres. With individuals like Arzan on board, there’s no stopping the rise of Nspire Sound.


Aman has been with Nspire Sound for over 5 years and moving the Desi scene ever since. Aman has evolved into one of the most requested Bollywood and Bhangra DJs in Toronto. Along with his ability to rock crowds, he is a skilled sound technician and lighting specialist. Aman is by far one of the most talented DJ’s on the Nspire Sound roster, raising the bar of the South Asian DJ. In addition, Aman is one of the Nspire Sound Dhol players, having played dhol at numerous weddings last year alone. Not only has he mastered the art of the dhol, but he is also responsible for editing, and mastering and creating custom Nspire Sound mixes and tracks. Aman can transform your next occasion into one that will last forever. Aman and Nspire Sound’s collaboration, has strengthened the reign of Nspire Sound as North America’s finest DJ company.


Kumar is on of the Nspire Sound Bollywood specialists, having over 7 years of extensive DJ experience from North America to India. Kumar has recently joined Nspire Sound, but in that time has become a complete fan favourite at Bollywood and Hindi Remix events and receptions. He brings a vast knowledge of the old and new bollywood songs, with a hint of Bhangra. In addition, Kumar is a strong audio technician, with complete knowledge of all audio and Sound aspects. With Kumar, its mainly about giving the client whats they wants and knowing when to give it to them. He is an expertise in song selection, and always ensuring that the dance floor is packed all night. When Kumar is involved with an Nspire Sound event, we already know the event will be amazing, from start to finish and your guests will not want to leave.


Narin’s role with Nspire Sound is quite simple; Rock West Indian Parties; simple. Narin is another one of the Nspire Sound West Indian DJ’s who can keep your guests dancing to his beats all night. He skills on the turntables are unmatched, especially when it comes to mixing and blending songs seemlessly. He is a highly trainned audio technician, who loves perfection. Narin has definately had his fair share of experience, playing in some of the biggest clubs and venues in North America, Trinidad and Guyana. He brings that flare to Nspire Sound that our clients love and always ask for. Narin has added to the Nspire Sound library some of the biggest and best West Indian tracks to date from his own extensive collection. Coupled with Nspire Sound, Narin is one of the most sought after Nspire Sound members.


Ameet is the youngest of the three Nspire Sound brothers, having been exposed to the art of the DJ at the age of 6. He has emerged as one of the best DJ’s in the crew at being able to read and react to a crowd. Having many years experience watching his two older brothers perfect the art of the DJ, he is now a fully capable DJ, who regularly rocks dance floors at all types of different events and venues. His innate ability to groove with the crowd, and have the music flowing all night is a trait that many clients’ request, making him one of the most popular Nspire DJ’s. In addition, Ameet is one of the Nspire Dhol players who can create an amazing atmosphere through his dhol and percussion skills. His natural rhythmic skills have transformed him into an amazing beat matching and mixing DJ who keeps the music and crowd going all night. The Ameet and Nspire tandem are a force to be reckoned with, and we cant wait to get him out to your next event!


Darshan is one of the most experienced West Indian DJ’s having been with Nspire Sound for over 10 plus years. He has built his extensive resume over the years by playing night after night in Toronto’s best venues for some of Toronto’s best Weddings/events. He has arguably the best and most extensive West Indian musical knowledge in the DJ scene today, having years and years of experience. Darshan’s abilities as an amazing DJ are coupled with his strong technical background in electronics, Audio engineering and Sound system set ups. He is capable of setting up complex lighting systems and sound rigs. If you want the job done right, Darshan is an easy call as an experienced technician and DJ. Having a big role in building the Nspire Empire, Darshan has the expertise to carry Nspire Sound further for years to come.


Simon is of the Nspire Sound DJ’s who brings a huge amount of versatility to the crew. He is one of the reasons why we can openly say that we are the Most Versatile Sound crew in North America. Simon specializes in mixed weddings and events, with abilities to play Hip Hop, Reggae, Top 40, Dance and House. As one of the longest serving members, Simon was easily able to grasp the concept of the DJ and soon flourished as a highly requested DJ. Simon prides himself on being on the frontier of technology as he is one of the main Nspire technicians and have been with Nspire Sound for over 10 years. He has been involved with over 100 complex set ups for Nspire Sound last year alone, making him one of the most experienced technicians in the industry.


Dilpreet is a hidden gem when it comes to the skill of the DJ. He is an extremely versatile DJ who has an untouchable knowledge of music. Through his knowledge of so many different types of songs and musical genres, he has some of the best song selection skills in the DJ scene. Dilpreet has the amazing ability of giving the crowd exactly what they want at exactly the right time, keeping the hype of the party going all night. In addition, he has a very strong technical background and is fully capable of handling all of the technical issues at any Nspire Sound event. Dilpreet’s has established his ability to mix and blend songs smoothly all night, making him a perfect choice for your event. With Dilpreet behind the Nspire DJ booth, it’s guaranteed to be an amazing event for both you and your guests.


Satinder is one of the main Nspire Sound Bhangra DJ’s. Satinder started his DJ career with Nspire Sound and his been moving dance floors ever since. His versatility and knowledge in the Bhangra genre, make him a fan favourite at every event. His strong work ethic and drive for perfection has led to Satinder being one of the best mixing DJ’s in the industry right now. His ability to have each song flow to the next make him an easy pick at your next event. In addition to his strong DJ skills, his is a skilled audio and lighting technician, capable of handling large and complex lighting and sound set ups by himself. Satinder has set the bar for the Bhangra DJ in this industry and others are simply trying to catch up. The combination of Nspire Sound and Satinder prove night in and night out why Nspire Sound is North America’s Best DJ sound crew.


Vinesh is one of the most versatile DJ’s on the Nspire Sound roster, which is why he is a easy choice for your next event. He has mastered the ability to entice crowds musically with his expertise in song selection, smooth transitioning and mixing. Vinesh also has a very strong technical field having been with Nspire Sound tech team for over 8 years. His knowledge as an audio engineer is clearly visible during the set up and take-downs of complex Sound and lighting shows. Vinesh has always been a very significant member of the Nspire Sound team and is one of the main reasons for the success of Nspire Sound. Looking to the future, there is no doubt that with Vinesh, Nspire Sound will continue to be at the top of the industry.


Ratinder brings a musical flare to Nspire Sound like no other. His distinct styles of music make him one of Nspire Sound’s most requested DJ’s. His passion for music started at a very young age and he was able to channel his knowledge of the musical genres with a strong capacity as a Disc Jockey.  Since joining Nspire Sound, his skills as a DJ and a full on technician have been extremely sharpened, making him one of the most exciting DJ’s to listen to in North America. Clients of Nspire Sound rely on Ratinder’s experience and qualifications to ensure that their event runs amazing. Ratinder has set the standard for a Disc Jockey in todays industry and fused with Nspire Sound, there isnt a party in the world that cannot be catered to.
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