Perimeter Uplighting is by far one of the classiest, most effective lighting shows known. This is how we do it and what we offer:

  • We set up lights around the perimeter of your Venue, creating beams of light that channel up the walls.
  • Can create thin narrows beam or “wash” (Fill) the entire venue with colour
  • Transform any room, large or small with Uplighting
  • Single colour all night (Non Linked)
  • Lights can Fade from colour to colour (Linked)
  • Chase around the venue (Linked)
  • Strobe in any colour and any speed (Linked)
  • Alternate colours and also have multiple colours! (Linked)
  • A dedicated intelligent controller to control these fixtures (Linked)
  • All base stands and cabling
  • A Lighting Technician

Our perimeter Upwall lighting starts at $15 per light (Non Linked) and $30 per light (Linked). Our Diamond Package includes 20 Linked uplights. Click on our Demo for a better view, and prepared to be Nspired