Our unique mixing styles will be a sure hit with your crowd. We have the ability to keep the dance floor packed for the entire duration of your Reception. We use unique abilities such as nonstop “beat matched” mixing, meaning that the music never stops and simply flows from one song to another. In addition, we are able to use scratching, fading and remixing to ensure your guests are always enjoying themselves. At Nspire Sound, we are professionals at reading a crowd, enabling us to cater to them all night long and because of that, we never play a song too long or too short. Prior to your event you get to meet the DJ, you get a 1 on 1 consultation where you get to go through a full worksheet, including cocktails music, entrance music, dinner music, dance floor do and do not plays.

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2014-2015 Musical Wedding Guide
2013-2014 Bhangra and Bollywood Wedding Show Mixtape
2012-2013 Bhangra and Bollywood Wedding Show Mixtape
1 – Nspire Sound – November 10 Year Anniversary Podcast
2 – Nspire Sound – January New Year 2012 Podcast
3 – Nspire Sound – ANTI-Valentines Day Podcast
4 – Nspire Sound – Valentines Day Podcast
Bhangra 1
Bhangra 2
Bhangra Duets
Bollywood 1
Bollywood 2
Chutney Classics
Hindi West Indian Remix
Summer 2012 Wedding Mix


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